Sizes 7-14

Thickness 5mm, 7mm

SKU USB50Z (5mm) USB70Z (7mm)

These tough zip-up boots provide maximum thermal conservation and foot support. Whether navigating wet decks or rough shorelines, the high-traction sole provides solid stability.  A puncture resistant barrier lines the sole of the boot providing cushion and comfort even on the roughest surfaces. The heavy duty zipper is backed up by a special Water Entry Barrier that prevents water entry into the boot.

• HT Hyperstretch Thermoprene® material

• Glued & sewn seams

• Durable high-traction sole; performs well on all surfaces

• Hardened insert sole for puncture-resistance

• Durable YKK zipper and Water Entry Barrier prevents water exchange and keeps feet warm

• Available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses

• TAA Compliant

Hyperstretch Thermoprene