Surf wetsuits generally are not used below the surface of the water. Therefore, they simply do not require a superior insulating Neoprene core. Wetsuits like the Henderson Spec OPS / SAR wetsuit are constructed from Thermoprene Neoprene. This neoprene has been formulated for maximum thermal insulation and minimal compression at depth. Henderson suits are designed to perform in full immersion applications. This means Henderson wetsuits will provide superior thermal characteristics in both topside and immersive deployments. For Example: a 3mm Henderson wetsuit provides the thermal properties of a 4/3mm surf style wetsuit. Thinner suits are easier to move in and more comfortable to wear. Most importantly thinner suits cost less.


Surfing wetsuit designs keep the zipper as close to the neck as possible. The reason for this is to keep water out of the suit when sitting on a surfboard. These designs offer very narrow entry paths which make getting into and out of the wetsuit extremely difficult. Spec Ops / SAR suits are designed for rapid deployment, even in confined spaces and tight quarters using full back zip configurations. The BACK ZIP design has proven itself to be a faster and more functional solution to donning rapidly during decades of use in SAR situations. It also does a great job of keeping water out of the suit.


You may have been told that only wetsuits designed for surfi ng provide freedom of movement, fl exibility and comfort. This is simply NOT TRUE. Henderson developed Hyperstretch Neoprene in 1999. Thermoprene Neoprene was developed a few years later and has been used in our Spec Ops / SAR line for nearly 10 years. Thermoprene Neoprene is formulated to provide the optimum balance of fl exiblity, mobility, durability and superior warmth and comfort.


Remember … the purpose of a wetsuit is to keep you warm in the water. A wetsuit user that is too warm can let water into a wetsuit to cool off; a user that is too cold … is in trouble! Henderson Spec Ops / SAR wetsuits are simply the best insulating wetsuits in the water today.


Hyperstretch Thermoprene

Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® (HT) material is an ultra light weight ”dive quality” neoprene rubber which makes it suitable for BOTH surface and dive applications. This neoprene rubber is exclusive to Henderson and cannot be supplied by any other wetsuit manufacturer worldwide. Henderson’s HT neoprene rubber provides proven durability and comfort. Used for decades in intensive military, SAR and commercial applications, HT has been time tested and has proven itself by holding up in the most rigorous conditions, while in continuous daily service, for periods of two years or longer. Our HT neoprene rubber will not compress over time and returns to its original thickness after prolonged periods at depth. Henderson does not build wetsuits to be ”surf sexy”. We supply wetsuits that are tailored tough, ultra-comfortable, extremely durable, and ready to perform, just as the highly trained personnel who use them.

1. Hyperstretch® Fabric Used in both the exterior and interior linings Hyperstretch® delivers exceptional all way stretch mobility while also providing superior pill and abrasion resistance for long life cycle. The material holds up well in chlorinated environment and to UV exposure.
2. Thermoprene® Neoprene is the core of all Henderson wetsuits. Thermoprene is known for its exceptional Thermal qualities and is excellent for surface and diving operations. It will maintain its density even after long periods of intensive use. Thermoprene® is available only from Henderson.
3. All seams on the Henderson SPEC OPS / SAR wetsuits are Double Glued and Double Blind stitched.
This construction technique provides nearly indestructible seams for superior waterproof integrity and significantly extended cycle life.

Inside: Thermal resources are trapped and  maintained.
Outside: Cold water intrusion is significantly minimized and repelled.

As in all wetsuits, the neoprene core is the heart of the product. No added treatment, coating, laminate or lining can make up for a low quality blended neoprene core material. Henderson’s core neoprene utilizes a proprietary 100% Chloroprene Rubber (CR) formula developed exclusively for Henderson and specifically for maintaining maximum warmth when compressed at depths. This formula is produced in a TAA compliant facility and is utilized in Henderson’s BA – BAA compliant SPEC OPS / SAR wetsuit line. The Henderson core neoprene combines a low modulus with superior memory in a microcell structure, ensuring every Henderson wetsuit will maintain its thickness and superior warmth and comfort over many years of service.

Fire Fleece wetsuits are internally lined with Henderson’s exclusive Fire Fleece lining. Fire Fleece lining is an ultra-high stretch, low pile, synthetic fleece which is incredibly comfortable. This comfort will enhance performance during extended deployment. Fire Fleece lining also contributes to the 300% stretch of the material making all land and water based movements nearly resistance-free. This significantly reduces the effort required to move in a wetsuit and significantly increases energy stores for thermal regulation during prolong exposure. Fire Fleece lining minimizes water transfer throughout the wetsuit resulting in maximum thermal conservation.

All the seams on Fire Fleece 3, 5, and 7mm wetsuits are double glued and then blind stitched inside and out (most wetsuits are only sewn on one side). This provides longevity, confidence, and performance in the most demanding conditions.

The exterior laminate is also pill-resistant. Pilling occurs when wetsuits are exposed to hook and loop style fasteners, non-slip swim platforms, BCD’s and other dive gear worn along with the wetsuit. No high stretch wetsuit is “pill proof”, but the Fire Fleece exterior will resist pilling and abrasion significantly better than other wetsuit laminates and will significantly increase replacement cycle times.

The time proven, back zip entry design significantly accelerates the speed at which users can be in the wetsuit and ready to deploy. Rear zip entry configurations are well suited for use in confined spaces and tight quarters, like helicopter cabins or surface deployment vessels. The suits can be easily unzipped for comfort and quickly re-zipped prior to deployment.

All Henderson Fire Fleece wetsuits can be fully customized for specific operational requirements.