Sizes S-XXL, MT, ML, XLS

Thickness 5mm, 7mm

SKU US655MF (5mm) US675MF (7mm)

The Jacket is available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses for maximum warmth and comfort and for use in a wide variety of SAR, Surface and Diving applications. The Jacket features a full-length front zipper in a slant configuration. This entry design helps improve the speed and ease of rapid deployment. These Jackets are most often worn with a John. 

These Jackets may be ordered as ”sets” with John’s or individually for replacement as required.  More information, or how to order sets is available by calling 800-222-0347.

• HT Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® material

• Double glued and double blind stitched seams

• Minimal seam design for maximum warmth and less opportunity for seam failure

• Pill and abrasion-resistant nylon Interior and exterior.

• Full Slant Front Zip entry with comfort seal

Hyperstretch Thermoprene

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