Sizes S-XXL

Thickness Lycra/Nylon or Polyolefin


The versatility of the SAR SPEC OPS Skin has made them extremely popular as a base layer for use alone in multiple applications. The SAR SPEC OPS SKIN is available in two materials. Both Materials make donning wetsuits faster as well as help prevent chaffing from wetsuit use.  Each Skin features a full-length, tough, non-corrosive zipper. Both options are excellent when used as under garments and can be used alone for shielding the skin from abrasion, UV rays and biological irritants.

There are 2 options:

#1 Lycra/Nylon Rescue Skins provide excellent stretch and strength and are constructed using durable overlock stitching. These allow for nearly total freedom of movement.

#2 Polyolefin Rescue Skins take performance and durability to the next level. Polyolefin is woven from solid core material. These suits are not dyed, will never fade and are impervious to the bleaching effects of chlorine and sunlight. This ultra-durable material also has a softer interior fleece lining. 

Polyolefin material is also very popular used as undergarments for non-immersion uses such as thermal underwear.

• Polyolefin material

• Overlock seams

• Front zip

• Foot stirrups for secure fit

• All black

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